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Converting tokens is unobstructed MTrade is a decentralized automated exchange, He provides a more convenient way for people to transfer their own currency, Locked into the pool for exchange or trade.

You are all winners

Easily generate money with just one click.

Participate in the championship win the prize

The bonus of the Texas Poker Championship is held regularly

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Here are many slot machine games online, and there are 21 points / Baccarat / fishing joy...

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  • LP-MCL on Pancakeswap
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  • Mtrade
  • Chainlink integration
  • Dex LP partnetships
  • LP Staking
  • Online Gaming Platform


  • SiriusNet - POA Blockchain



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Token Distribution

This is an online crypto casino, which uses the specific crypto token “MCD” as casino chips to bet. When the customers want to bet in our casino, they need to swap their currency to MCL tokens first. The process will charge them certain handling fees.

All of the funds from the customers will gather as a pool. The common games available in most casinos can be played in our casino, including Blackjack, Slot Machine, Roulette etc. Customers can choose the game whatever they like.

Let us take Blackjack as an example. Several players participate in the game. The game is like what a traditional casino is. If they won in the game, they would be given a corresponding amount of MCD token from the pool that mentioned above. In contrast, if they lose the game, their token will be collected and put into the pool.

In simple terms, we will put the money we get in the casino and then put it back in the pool.

Increase the value of the tokens in this way!!

Start growing with MCL

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Macau Casino Lisboa

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